Hey Hey Hey!  Africa, the current BBC nature series running on Discovery Channel is splendid but as usual David Attenborough’s original narration has been replaced by an American actor (like in past series Planet Earth, Frozen Planet, Blue Planet, etc).  In this case we have Forrest Whitaker narrating in the USA… don’t get me wrong I love the Ghost Dog and I might be only one of a handful of people that saw and remember his and Anthony Edward’s buddy cop movie Downtown… but I’d much rather have Attenborough narrating.

Obviously if the British did redub Darth Vader now they’d have Peter Serafinowicz do the voice… but after making Jared letter Attenborough so many times I felt bad having him write Serafinowicz.   I’ve always felt my last name was long with 9 letters… but these guys are having a bit of a laugh at 12.

We’ll see you on Friday with a new strip!